Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hello Friends,  A couple more ideas from Bonnie & Sue.  Linda has not felt so spiffy this winter, so she is out of ideas.
Above Bonnie made a collage with PICMONKEY.  It appears she painted a seascape and made a color swatch board and set up a still life.  She does beautiful, realistic still life paintings in her studio with natural light.  These look like lilac's so we know she is cheating ! HA!
Artists have a license to do such things, ya know.

Sue's contribution is to get your panels ready !!  And lots of them.  Do some in unexpected colors, like thalo blue.  It will be used, I'm sure.

And she likes the Terra Skin so she has some on a piece of cardboard with that obnoxious blue tape.
The best colors for a base ground (in my opinion) are warm.  Like burnt sienna and cadmium red and quin. burnt orange and PINK!
Once in a while we get a beautiful day, such as today, with sunshine, clouds, warm (58) temps so if your bag is ready, just grab it and GO.  Paint. and make starts. To finish at home.  I DID today.
And it was wonderful.
Thanks for stopping in.
Happy Trails

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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to "cheat". That was just the only good photo I had of a still life set up and "painting in progress" in my studio :)