Sunday, May 24, 2015

Clean Sweep Sale by the Double Line Painters

"Ballad of Bedford" and a complete description of its painting process can be found by clicking in our blog archives for July 14, 2014 

We need to make room for our 150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge and new projects so we are announcing our sale to our faithful readers first.  The instruments will be offered at these reduced prices:

$85 or best offer for "Ballad of Bedford" guitar
$70 or best offer for "All About Roanoke/Salem Red Sox Flag Salute” violin

If you are interested and/or need more information, email us at  

This sale will go public this Saturday at the Artisan Fair at Sedalia in Big Island, VA

Front:  All About Roanoke

Back: Salem Red Sox Flag Salute

We hope that you will consider these as a great gift for someone special or even yourself.  Your purchase will also allow us to continue our mission of supporting local community groups and non-profits.

Thanks for helping us make a "clean sweep".

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