Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hello Friends,  We enjoyed our painting trip to the Roanoke River on Rt. 419 this morning.
The sun was shining and the air was less humid and the bugs were busy elsewhere.

Everyone (except Mary Anne-with other duties) managed to almost finish ONE to their satisfaction.

Most will probably be presented in the "150 Challenge".
You may find some at the #Lynchburg Art Festival this fall or #Art on the Lawn in Pearisburg or #Ikenberry's Fall Porch show or Salem's - #Art on the Way.
I will give more details, closer to the events, so you don't forget.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PENNY LANE SHOPTIQUE - New Little Jewel of a Shop in Salem

Hello Friends,  Help us spread the word about this handsome gift shop on the verge of opening the last week of July, here on West Main St. in Salem.

This is Trina, above, the owner.  You can't help but like her, she is sweet and calm.
As with any business, there is paperwork involved.  Mary Anne and Judy filling out their display cards.  We have new cards to attach to our paintings, designed by Judy and they are great.

Penny Lane has beautiful new walls to hang art on.  Linda is straightening one above.

And there is Sue and Linda, putting a final finish on the front wall.
We hope to see some of you Salemites in there soon.

And yesterday, after taking the show down at the Salem Museum, we went to the Salem Terrace at Harrogate to change up the work.  Mary Anne putting up the last new painting.

Can you see our new cards?  Our logo is in the upper left corner.  And we thank Judy for getting these made so quickly and beautifully.
We want to thank the Salem Museum for our "Season's in Salem Show" and the "Salem Terrace" for displaying our work and now "Penny Lane" for displaying and promoting our work !

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hello Friends,  The Gang known as "Double Line Painters" made their way up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Explore park.  We followed a trail called "Journey's End" to get to this beautiful stop above.  The Roanoke River is just over the knoll on the left.
Above, Bonnie is photographing some of the buildings in the opposite direction.
All at "Journey's End"

Then we stopped at Roanoke Mountain, which is on the Parkway on our way home.  This would be a pretty spot if the sun was coming up or going down was the conclusion.
In the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can pretty much turn in any direction and find a spot pretty enough to paint. 
Stay tuned for our next adventure.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Hello Friends,  A new blog post to show you our new works hanging at the beautiful Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford.
Judy and Mary Anne have the pleasure of installing the work here and they always do a great job.

Judy took the photos for us and said they decided to put more space between the works.  I think it helps make each more pleasing. 

Every one has a different way of presenting each work and they still look as if they belong together.
A good point for collectors to remember when choosing their favorites, right?

Hoping some of you can get to Bedford this Friday evening for their 2nd Friday Art Walk and pick out your own favorites.

This show will be hanging until the first of September in case you can't be there this weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gallery Space only Closes

Hello Dear Friends,
We are a sorry to announce that our framed art is no longer hanging at 2nd Helpings due to a re-configuration of the space formerly used as the gallery.   Flat works and cards will still be available by many of the artists.  We are sad to see such a wonderful venue for our art display end but understand that these changes will allow the Rescue Mission to continue its important work in the community.

However we are so fortunate to still have a wonderful wall space to display our art at Goose Creek Studio, 302 Court Street in Bedford. ( 540-586-8482   Their longer shop hours (and personal appointments) will hopefully allow you the time to travel and enjoy the artwork as well as take advantage of their custom framing.  Patrick and Mitchell will greet you warmly.  Be sure to tell them you want to see the art by the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.

                                                                   Happy Trails

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hello Friends,  We hung new works of art at the unique little coffee shop in Grandin Village yesterday.  Please tell Michelle Bennett (the owner) how much you enjoy the rotating art shows.  Linda Schaar has 3 hanging on the right.

Above is Bonnie and Sue adding the wall labels to hung works.

Above are 3 pieces by Mary Anne Meador and one by Bonnie Mason.

Above on the left is Mary Anne and 2 on the right by Judy Lochbrunner.

Bonnie Mason in the middle and Judy Lochbrunner on both sides.  And a nice young man that didn't mind us crawling all around him to get new work up !
Hope you get a chance to go by Cups and have a cup of their wonderful "JOE" while taking in the new view.
And please take a look at our NEW website.  It is beautiful too.
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to "forward to your friends".
Happy Trails