Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PENNY LANE SHOPTIQUE - New Little Jewel of a Shop in Salem

Hello Friends,  Help us spread the word about this handsome gift shop on the verge of opening the last week of July, here on West Main St. in Salem.

This is Trina, above, the owner.  You can't help but like her, she is sweet and calm.
As with any business, there is paperwork involved.  Mary Anne and Judy filling out their display cards.  We have new cards to attach to our paintings, designed by Judy and they are great.

Penny Lane has beautiful new walls to hang art on.  Linda is straightening one above.

And there is Sue and Linda, putting a final finish on the front wall.
We hope to see some of you Salemites in there soon.

And yesterday, after taking the show down at the Salem Museum, we went to the Salem Terrace at Harrogate to change up the work.  Mary Anne putting up the last new painting.

Can you see our new cards?  Our logo is in the upper left corner.  And we thank Judy for getting these made so quickly and beautifully.
We want to thank the Salem Museum for our "Season's in Salem Show" and the "Salem Terrace" for displaying our work and now "Penny Lane" for displaying and promoting our work !

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