Thursday, August 27, 2015


Hello Friends,  Wish you could have gone with us to paint today.  We went all the way to Buchanan, Va. on Route 11.  Passed lots of beautiful vistas and some of the cutest black and white cows.  Love those silly, nosey little heifers.
After walking a  bit to take photos, we set up on the public boat launch to paint.
And I walked half way across the creaky, dizzy swinging bridge to get a shot of the Linda chicken.
And here is a relic that I think may have been involved with the Civil War.  Got that from a nearby sign.  I never made it over to where Judy and Mary Anne were set up to paint.  Sorry no photos of them today.
I will post some reminders for the up coming festivals.
Happy Trails

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hello Friends,  A few reminders is always a good thing-right?   The Instagram wedding workshop, sponsored by the Clutch Magazine is to be held September the 9th at the RiverViews Art Space in Lynchburg.  Please click HERE for full details.  We hope you will pass this along to any brides or grooms you may know.
Now we want to remind you of the 150 challenge.  You can see some of the images on Pinterest by Clicking HERE.  And if you come out to Ikenberry's Retail Store on 220 on Oct. 3rd, you can see them in person and maybe start you Holiday shopping !!
Then don't forget to come visit the Lynchburg Art Festival at EC Glass High School on September 12th.  Click HERE for a bit more info.
And new for us is ART on the LAWN in Pearisburg, Va. on September 19th.  Please Click HERE for more info and directions.
And last but certainly not the least is the show at Goose Creek Gallery called ELEMENTS !  The reception is Friday the 11th of September, 5 to 7.   Please click HERE for their Facebook Page.
We truly hope you will be able to attend some of these events and support the arts here in SW Virginia but most of all we would like to say hello to our fans.
Happy Trails

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hello Friends,  Hope you had a fabulous Thursday.  You could not ask for better weather!..
The five of us headed out to Longwood Park to put our heads together and get some of the major points finalized for the up coming "Wedding Workshop".  Sponsored by Jennifer at Clutch Magazine in Lynchburg.

Thankfully the industrious Mary Anne showed up with a lovely proto type(sp?) as you see in the top photo.  This helped tremendously in deciding the final size and details.
The next photo is a shot of "them" getting a shot of the proto-type.
We should have more details, such as location and costs, soon.  Just in case you know of a bride to be that would like to join in.
Will be back very soon.  Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Friday, August 7, 2015


Hey Friends,  a report on the reception at the Glebe, which is a gorgeous place.
Above, they managed to corral all of us into one frame.

The art works were hung beautifully by Patricia Huber and her "Hangman".
Patricia (in the green) is an artist herself and directs all the exhibits at the Glebe.
Judy (in the pink) is telling the visitors about the Double Line Painters.

Another shot of the works.

I made a composite of 3 shots of the crowd.  Looks pretty good.  They seemed to REALLY enjoy our work and our histories.  They spoke with all of us about our creations.  Quite a few of them were artists, so I guess it's in their blood too.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope Patricia will invite us back.
Thank You All
Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hello Friends,

Patricia Huber greeted us at The Glebe this morning to deliver paintings for the August Art Show. She with the help of two others will re-arrange and hang the show for us so we can’t wait to see how it looks ourselves!

A reception will be held Friday, August 7 at 3:30 PM.  Plan to stop by if you are in Daleville that afternoon.

Once our delivery was made we headed to the historic cemetery on the hill in Fincastle.  Rolling our art gear up the hill was well worth the effort for the views of the town and mountains.  We set up under some of the large old trees and enjoyed the cool breeze.  We plan another visit to this location in the fall.

Thanks for stopping by our blog and come back again to see more of our art adventures.
We have lots more coming up soon.
Happy Trails

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Thank You Michelle for Displaying our Art Every Year
Hello Friends,  Did not want you to think, we were inactive this month of July.  We have been busy but I can't prove it yet.
We  have been painting for shows coming up pretty fast.  We have the "Elements" show at #Goose  Creek soon.  And the  #Glebe show is being delivered Monday with the reception on  Friday,      August 7th.
Then the annual #Lynchburg Art Festival on Sept. 12th and the 10th #Art on the Lawn on Sept. 19th. in Pearisburg, Va. arranged by the Giles Arts Council.
Not to mention our new venues for art lovers to purchase our work, such as
#Penny Lane Gift Shop on West Main in Salem.  And more as soon as I get photos.
So glad you stopped in and hope to see you at any of our events above.  Please tell us that you visit   this blog.  We really would like to know.
Happy Trails