Friday, August 7, 2015


Hey Friends,  a report on the reception at the Glebe, which is a gorgeous place.
Above, they managed to corral all of us into one frame.

The art works were hung beautifully by Patricia Huber and her "Hangman".
Patricia (in the green) is an artist herself and directs all the exhibits at the Glebe.
Judy (in the pink) is telling the visitors about the Double Line Painters.

Another shot of the works.

I made a composite of 3 shots of the crowd.  Looks pretty good.  They seemed to REALLY enjoy our work and our histories.  They spoke with all of us about our creations.  Quite a few of them were artists, so I guess it's in their blood too.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope Patricia will invite us back.
Thank You All
Happy Trails

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