Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Our challenge: 150 paintings in 150 days will officially end on Saturday, Oct. 3 when we gather on the porch at Ikenberry Orchard  http://www.ikenberryorchards.com  in Daleville.  We will set up a small art show as well as be working on some last-minute challenge paintings!

Come for the art but don’t forget the apples, pumpkins, and other seasonal treats!
And be sure to check our pinterest page for all the art.  https://www.pinterest.com/doublelinepaint/150-paintings150-day-challenge/

Some of the newest additions to the challenge, above, by Linda Schaar and Bonnie Mason.

We sincerely hope you will take the time to visit and buy early gifts, and treat yourself to the best apples around.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 24, 2015


 Linda capturing the pansies.

We celebrated the start of Autumn and a beautiful day in Bedford County at Whipledale Farm & Greenhouse.  The views were wonderful, the flowers were blooming and it felt like a coolish fall day.    We missed Sue today but hope to have everyone together for plein air next week!  

Bonnie capturing the corn patch.

Happy Trails

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  Several photos you might find interesting.
Above is Linda Schaar and her work.  Note the long shadows.  Very early set up time !

Above is some of Sue Furrow's paintings.

Above are some of Bonnie Mason's Paintings

Above is Judy and Mary Anne's display.  For some reason, their work doesn't show.

And here is the Grand Finally!  Our very own Bonnie Mason won BEST IN SHOW!!
That's Bonnie in the Hat.  Congratulations Bonnie ! And may you win many more.

Here is a nice shot of the scene with mountains in back ground.  Our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, thanks to Judy for the photo.

Now we will get back to what we do best.  Having fun while painting in the beautiful countryside of Virginia.

Glad you could stop in.

Happy Trails

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hello Friends, the Lynchburg Art Fest happened today at EC Glass High school.  It was postponed until today because it rained yesterday.
The weather today was gorgeous.  Just a tiny bit windy.
That is Sue's space up there with the gaudy magenta fabric. 

This is Linda's space and take note of her yellow flag thingy .

And this is Judy's space and take note of her yellow flag thingy !  They mean the Judge picked one of their paintings to go to the JUDGES FENCE to be voted on for prizes.

And this is Mary Anne's space above.

And this is Bonnie's space.  She is trying to make a point , it appears.

And a couple general shots.  Judy and Mary Anne are always smiling.  They are happy campers.

And another shot of Bonnie emphasizing her point.
I know, I should have been a comedian.

But really I think we were all happy with our Sunday.  Hope to do it again next year.
Our thanks to David Eakin and Rosalie Short for all their hard work.

Happy Trails

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hello Friends, This post may be a tad long but only because I have so many good photos.  Last night we were at the reception for the opening of "Elements" at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.  
I caught Linda (above) quizzing Patrick about his health.  He has not been well lately, but feeling great now.

Here is a close up of Judy Lochbrunner's painting "Rothko's Ranch"

And here is Judy w/ the work.  All of her works were very textured with unusual elements to make the surfaces eye catching.  Wonderful works you should go see.

Here are a couple by Sue Furrow. The Ravens above done on Masa Rice Paper.

Had to show you this one.  We had a discussion during the drive about how many photos are taken with our eyes shut.  Bonnie took 3 of these photos and every one had the shut eyes.

Yay, Bonnie Mason had her eyes open.  And look at her beautiful painting.  She painted this one with her eyes shut!

And Mary Anne Meador's wonderful job of capturing the rocks that made up this landscape.

Here Mary Anne is doing her usual best charming the locals into buying her unusual textures.

Here is Linda Schaar with her "Colorful" Tuxedo cat.

Last night Judy was thoughtful enough to get Linda a Birthday cake to celebrate & surprise.

We had a crowd surge twice and lots of questions.  Everyone had a great time.

I will do another shorter post with some more painting details but of course the best way to see the textures and colors is to go to Goose Creek yourself.
It is a very short drive from Roanoke/Salem, Lynchburg and all you lovely folks at Smith Mountain Lake, even Charlottesville.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the ELEMENTS SHOW is up !!!!!!!! at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.

 Hello Friends,  Couldn't wait to show you the photos Judy sent after getting the show up at Goose Creek Gallery today.  Judy and Mary Anne were glad Linda (above) showed up to help, it was a bigger switch-a-roo than originally thought.

These are just teaser shots, I'm told.  The show looks great, I'm told.  We will all be there, at Goose Creek, this Friday evening starting at 5pm for the opening and 2nd Friday's Art Walk.

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  Hope you stop in for a minute to chat about our latest creative ventures.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hello Friends,  Well Here Goes !   Hope I don't forget anything.  Next week Judy and Mary Anne will hang our "ELEMENTS SHOW" at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.  The Elements we work/played with are Texture and Color.  And what a range of different interpretations you will see.
The reception is Friday, Sept. 11th from 5 til > < 7pm.  We hope you will be able to come and see our hard work.

The following day, Sept. 12th at EC Glass High School we will be showing at the Lynchburg Art Festival.  Hours are 10 til 5pm.  Always a lot of great works to peruse.  We will be in the spaces right around #95

The next weekend, Sept.19th, we will be at "ART ON THE LAWN" in Giles County, Pearisburg.  The show opens at 10am closes at 4pm..  More info is HERE at Giles Art Council.

On October 3rd, some of us DLP's will be showing the work from our 150 Challenge on the beautiful porch at Ikenberry Orchard's Retail shop on 220.  Come by for some early gift shopping and apple goodies.  The OLD Ikenberry cabin is pictured above.

Then some of us will be showing the same day, at the new second year for ART ON THE WAY, being held at the Salem Museum on East Main St, Salem, Va.

And lastly, One of us will be at the Roanoke Home Builders Showcase, held at the Salem Civic Center on September 26th and 27th.  More info can be found HERE.

Whew !!

I did not forget the Grand Finally.
I just want to post about that a bit later.  Do not want to over whelm you.

Thanks for reading 'til the end and please share.

Happy Trails