Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hello Friends, This post may be a tad long but only because I have so many good photos.  Last night we were at the reception for the opening of "Elements" at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.  
I caught Linda (above) quizzing Patrick about his health.  He has not been well lately, but feeling great now.

Here is a close up of Judy Lochbrunner's painting "Rothko's Ranch"

And here is Judy w/ the work.  All of her works were very textured with unusual elements to make the surfaces eye catching.  Wonderful works you should go see.

Here are a couple by Sue Furrow. The Ravens above done on Masa Rice Paper.

Had to show you this one.  We had a discussion during the drive about how many photos are taken with our eyes shut.  Bonnie took 3 of these photos and every one had the shut eyes.

Yay, Bonnie Mason had her eyes open.  And look at her beautiful painting.  She painted this one with her eyes shut!

And Mary Anne Meador's wonderful job of capturing the rocks that made up this landscape.

Here Mary Anne is doing her usual best charming the locals into buying her unusual textures.

Here is Linda Schaar with her "Colorful" Tuxedo cat.

Last night Judy was thoughtful enough to get Linda a Birthday cake to celebrate & surprise.

We had a crowd surge twice and lots of questions.  Everyone had a great time.

I will do another shorter post with some more painting details but of course the best way to see the textures and colors is to go to Goose Creek yourself.
It is a very short drive from Roanoke/Salem, Lynchburg and all you lovely folks at Smith Mountain Lake, even Charlottesville.

Happy Trails

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