Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hello Friends,  A tad late in getting this post out.  We went out Thursday, looking for some color to paint with.  We could be called Leaf Peepers too, I guess.

We didn't find much in this area of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  I have been hearing the colors will not be much this year.  The weather conditions have not been right.  Every maple I see is bright and colorful, so if we could find an area with a lot of maples we might be able to catch some autumn colors.

Of course, when you go to Paint Bank you have to stop at the only restaurant for miles.  And yes they serve Buffalo burgers and such.  Their shop is very interesting and it's a great drive from Roanoke.

This coming Thursday we are going to the Narrows area again.  To the Riverbend Inn to paint.
It looks like a fabulous place to paint and play and stay.  The inn keepers are Jeanne and John.  Tell them the Double Line Painters sent you.

Happy Trails

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