Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hello Friends,  A short post with a lot of photos of a beautiful place, right here in the Roanoke Valley of SW Virginia.  Above is just ONE frame of the fabulous views from South Peak, right off Rt.220 and across 419 from Tanglewood.  You can't miss it.

And here is Bonnie Hooper with our Linda Schaar.  Bonnie is the mastermind and organizer of this event.  Thank You very much Bonnie.  Officially Bonnie is the Sales administrator of South Peak.

Here is Mary Anne capturing one view of many, shown below.

This work is much prettier than this photo lets on.  It is pastel and Mary Anne is a master with pastels.

Here is Linda and I'm afraid you will have to come out Saturday to see her work.

And here is Sue, starting her first really small painting.  Her second was bigger and hit the ground.  Not too badly, when it's dry, it will dust right off.
And Judy got a big jump start on me and was finished and packed up before I got a photo.  You would think I'd learn by now.  And our Bonnie wasn't feeling very well.  She is catching her husband's cold and did not paint today.  Don't look for her on Saturday either.

Saturday the 10th,  is the official "Paint Out" from 9 to 4pm.  And the wet paint sale is from 5 to 6pm.
We, the DLP's plan to be there about 12 to 1.  The weather reports indicate there will be some rain Sat. morning so hopefully this will clear out by the time we show up.  And we are planning to be there through the wet paint sale.

We hope you will come out to cheer us on and see the beautiful vista for yourself.  And to make the experience complete, take a new painting home with you.!

Happy Trails

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