Saturday, October 10, 2015


Hello Friends,  TAA-DAA....This is the beautiful view most of the painters had today.  Believe it or not, some handsome paintings were created with this view.

A few hours later and it's clearing up a bit.  Linda intent on finishing this one.

Mary Anne and Judy are happy with their creations.

Sue is happy with this first one even though she looks half asleep.

This shot is of Suzanne and Michael.  Look at that dense air/moisture/cloud/fog?

This is a shot of the Grand Gazebo and it's grand fireplace.!  It really put out the heat but it was perfect for the painters in this shelter.  Starting at the left is Margaret Sue, Karen, Michael came over to warm his tush, and then Mary.

The staff at South Peak put on a nice reception for the artists and the public that showed up inspite of the weather.  We all had fun and most of us are returning tomorrow to finish up paintings.
The sun is supposed to show it's face so come UP and cheer us on.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails

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