Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hello Friends,  Look up there, Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight?  Makes one think they just climbed the stairs to heaven.

We are the luckiest (and hardest working) artists ever !  We have found some of the prettiest spots on this entire earth, to paint in.  I really don't think most people appreciate what they have here in Virginia.

We were in no hurry this morning because there was the possibility of showers.  But it held off just for us.

At this beautiful Inn, you could paint in any direction you wanted, it was all gorgeous.  Can't wait to go back this spring or maybe even when it snows.  Check out their website at  Would be a great get away for you and the missus or mr.
Jeanne and John are the inn keepers and you won't meet a nicer pair.  Of course the rooms are beautiful as you can tell from their website.

We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the autumn colors before the winds sweep them all away.

Happy Trails

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