Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello Friends,  So good to know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now you are rested and ready to SHOP!!
Come to the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke, Va. and find some some unique, one of a kind gifts for all the people you find difficult to shop for.  
Mary Anne's exuberant, lively depictions of nature would put a smile on any one's face, when they unwrapped it.

She is so adept at capturing the freshness of any subject.  Like the gorgeous landscape first up and the still lives you see next.

When you see them in person, you will love the expressive mark making and the joys of pure colors.

She paints everything will equal creativity.  It should be easy to find one for any and every person that already has EVERYTHING..

Even one a bit more quiet for the more reserved fella on your list.

Or maybe a bit more free for that fisherman or the surfer or the Mermaid?!

And who would not love an original painting of our beloved Blue Ridge Mountains ?

You can choose and take it to the Jefferson Center office on the 2nd floor and take it home with you.

Easy, quiet, a place to think.  You will be supporting local artists and the Jefferson Center.

Any questions, leave a comment here or email us.  The address is above .

Happy Trails
Travel Safely

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  We, the DLP, girls thought we would express what we are Thankful for this year.   We are most thankful for our families, our friends and our health.

We are Thankful for our paints and brushes and studios, however big or small.
We are Thankful for our patrons and you.

We are Thankful for the charities we could help.

We are Thankful for all the venues that share our work.

We are Thankful for the workshops and attendees and knowledge we could share.

We are Thankful for all the beautiful vistas we have seen.

We are Thankful for this Great Country we live in.

We are Thankful that we will share a fabulous dinner with our Loved ones this Thanksgiving without fear or sorrow.

Happy Trails
Safe Journey

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello Friends,  Today you will see the beautiful works created by Judy Lochbrunner.
They all appear to be created from her imagination but I think that she sometimes uses flowers for the spring board.

She creates lay upon layer.  Letting some of the previous layers show through.  She uses anything and everything to make marks or add another layer.

This is an homage to Rothko

Recently played with abstracting the landscape.  Again lots of textures and layers.

She excels though (IMO) with the florals.

The florals just keep your eye moving around, looking at all the textures.

Sorry this is blurry for what ever reason.  But you can still tell how rich the surface is.  The colors and mark making are eye candy.  You really want to take it home even if you know it won't match the couch !

You will love this piece with more texture than the camera can capture.  The daffodils are so creatively portrayed.

All of these will be hanging at the JEFFERSON CENTER through Jan. 15th.

The reception is Nov. 29th  2 pm until 4 pm.
Come out, have snack and talk with the artists about the works.
They would love to see you.

Happy Trails

Friday, November 20, 2015


Hello Friends,  Today is Linda's turn.  The landscape above is a favorite of Linda's work.
She said this was a study on the autumn colors.  I'm happy she framed it and included it in this show.

Linda enjoys doing still life, because she is a bit of a weather wimp like the rest of us.  We don't like suffering in the cold.  But when she does get outside to paint Plein Air, she excels.

A couple more of her soft compositions painted in the studio.

I think this is one of her plein air pieces.  Loving it.  Don't you?

I believe she said this was a crepe myrtle.  The texture of a myrtle bloom is nearly impossible to paint.  Linda did a great job of capturing the flowers.

This is her only figure painting.  A young lady contemplating something.  If you come to the reception on Nov. 29th 2 pm until 4 pm I bet you can pry it out of  Linda !

Please make plans to visit the Jefferson Center and view this beautiful show.
Click HERE for directions and hours.

Happy Trails

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hello Friends,  I'll show you the members works in Alphabetical order.  Bonnie is first.
Bonnie is a Salemite from birth to finish.
She paints a lot of the beauty she see right here in Salem.

And these photos make you feel a bit off kilter but there is no way a point and shoot can line all these edges up correctly.  The real show looks fantastic and hope you get to see it first hand.

Obviously MOST artists do some studio work and that involves still life's.  Bonnie makes them more special than the average.  Probably because she is so meticulous about the details.

Her landscapes glow.

Don't you agree?

I see she gets away from her beloved mountains once in a while.

Love the perspective on this one.  Looking right through the old barn.

One of her rich water dreams

Another of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains we all love and travel through so often.

Perhaps I shouldn't offer too much commentary but wouldn't this blog post be kinda boring with out some verbiage?
I would love to hear you opinion on this...Yes for verbiage or NO ??

The reception is Nov. 29th from 2 pm til 4 pm.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  Continuing with the artwork
from our guests.  The pen and ink drawings you
see on both sides are from the hand of Mitchell.
He called this series "Emerson Creek Pottery Designs"

And below is the original art work of Patrick.

He titled the red grids as "Homage to Klee"

The darker mixed media I do not know the title of them.  I got ahead of myself and forgot to ask.  They are pretty and very interesting groups of wood turnings.

We hope all of you can see these in person before the holidays are over.  Better yet come to the reception on Nov. 29th from 2 til 4 pm so we can chat too.

Thanks for stopping in.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  Yes, we got the new Holiday show hanging Yesterday, Monday.
Here at the Jefferson Center.  The art gallery is on the 2nd and 3rd floors

The Beginning-Can't you see the finger tips touching?

We did have extra help this year.  Thanks for hanging all those chains Phil !!

This is Mitchell and Patrick from the Goose Creek Studio Gallery in Bedford, joining our fun this year.

This is Bonnie and Linda trying to keep the double hung work straight.

This was just the beginning.  Over the next 7 or 8 days I will show you every ones work individually.

The reception is Sunday, Nov. 29th from 2 til 4 pm. 

Hope you are able to attend so we can thank you personally.

Happy Trails

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Hello Friends,  A wee bit late posting again.  Accept my apologies, just a busy time of the year.
There is some old quote about IDLE hands make the devils work easier ?!?
No one can say the DLP members have idle hands !!

This Friday we had the great fortune and honor to be invited to Shelley K's home at the famous Smith Mountain Lake here in the mountains of Western Va.  It is a manmade lake with gorgeous homes along most of the shoreline now.  And Shelley's was exceptional and has beautiful views.

The very top photo is their dock with Judy on it painting.  You can just barely see the top of her head.  The mid photo is just to show you what little bit of autumn color they have too.  The third shows the view across the lake from the dock.
Don't understand why I did not get photos of any paintings but I blame it on a lack of sleep and too much fun chattering. 
Click Here for a peek at Shelley's painting.

I will post soon about a couple more important events coming up.

Happy Trails