Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hello Friends,  I'll show you the members works in Alphabetical order.  Bonnie is first.
Bonnie is a Salemite from birth to finish.
She paints a lot of the beauty she see right here in Salem.

And these photos make you feel a bit off kilter but there is no way a point and shoot can line all these edges up correctly.  The real show looks fantastic and hope you get to see it first hand.

Obviously MOST artists do some studio work and that involves still life's.  Bonnie makes them more special than the average.  Probably because she is so meticulous about the details.

Her landscapes glow.

Don't you agree?

I see she gets away from her beloved mountains once in a while.

Love the perspective on this one.  Looking right through the old barn.

One of her rich water dreams

Another of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains we all love and travel through so often.

Perhaps I shouldn't offer too much commentary but wouldn't this blog post be kinda boring with out some verbiage?
I would love to hear you opinion on this...Yes for verbiage or NO ??

The reception is Nov. 29th from 2 pm til 4 pm.

Happy Trails

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