Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello Friends,  Today you will see the beautiful works created by Judy Lochbrunner.
They all appear to be created from her imagination but I think that she sometimes uses flowers for the spring board.

She creates lay upon layer.  Letting some of the previous layers show through.  She uses anything and everything to make marks or add another layer.

This is an homage to Rothko

Recently played with abstracting the landscape.  Again lots of textures and layers.

She excels though (IMO) with the florals.

The florals just keep your eye moving around, looking at all the textures.

Sorry this is blurry for what ever reason.  But you can still tell how rich the surface is.  The colors and mark making are eye candy.  You really want to take it home even if you know it won't match the couch !

You will love this piece with more texture than the camera can capture.  The daffodils are so creatively portrayed.

All of these will be hanging at the JEFFERSON CENTER through Jan. 15th.

The reception is Nov. 29th  2 pm until 4 pm.
Come out, have snack and talk with the artists about the works.
They would love to see you.

Happy Trails

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