Friday, November 20, 2015


Hello Friends,  Today is Linda's turn.  The landscape above is a favorite of Linda's work.
She said this was a study on the autumn colors.  I'm happy she framed it and included it in this show.

Linda enjoys doing still life, because she is a bit of a weather wimp like the rest of us.  We don't like suffering in the cold.  But when she does get outside to paint Plein Air, she excels.

A couple more of her soft compositions painted in the studio.

I think this is one of her plein air pieces.  Loving it.  Don't you?

I believe she said this was a crepe myrtle.  The texture of a myrtle bloom is nearly impossible to paint.  Linda did a great job of capturing the flowers.

This is her only figure painting.  A young lady contemplating something.  If you come to the reception on Nov. 29th 2 pm until 4 pm I bet you can pry it out of  Linda !

Please make plans to visit the Jefferson Center and view this beautiful show.
Click HERE for directions and hours.

Happy Trails

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