Sunday, November 8, 2015


Hello Friends,  A wee bit late posting again.  Accept my apologies, just a busy time of the year.
There is some old quote about IDLE hands make the devils work easier ?!?
No one can say the DLP members have idle hands !!

This Friday we had the great fortune and honor to be invited to Shelley K's home at the famous Smith Mountain Lake here in the mountains of Western Va.  It is a manmade lake with gorgeous homes along most of the shoreline now.  And Shelley's was exceptional and has beautiful views.

The very top photo is their dock with Judy on it painting.  You can just barely see the top of her head.  The mid photo is just to show you what little bit of autumn color they have too.  The third shows the view across the lake from the dock.
Don't understand why I did not get photos of any paintings but I blame it on a lack of sleep and too much fun chattering. 
Click Here for a peek at Shelley's painting.

I will post soon about a couple more important events coming up.

Happy Trails

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