Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hello Friends,  We thought it would be fun to share these photos with you.  A few things that we got for Christmas for being such good little artists.

Above and below Judy got some new shelving  !!  Something I have wanted for years.

They are narrow, just big enough to set a canvas on to dry or study or photograph.

Linda didn't ask for much but got what she ordered!  Cadmium Green is an expensive pigment and so are her new Monarch brushes !

AND-TaDa-Mary Anne has a whole NEW studio !!!  Very jealous, indeed.  Look at all her room and light !! And look at her new easel !!  She was extra good.

Sue got a very expensive organalzational (HaHa-spelling) tool above.  Hoping it will help with all the time spent looking for a certain color.

Sue also got some new colors to go in her shoe holder. 

Bonnie got a new Cotman watercolor field sketch box.

The dollar bill shows you how tiny and easy to carry around.  Should prove to be be very useful at this size.

So there you have it !  Proof that we have all been good.

Hope to see some of you, our good friends, while we are putting these to good use.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello Friends,  the final post for the Holiday Show at the Jefferson !  These are the paintings of Sue.

Sue has been trying her hand at flowers.   She has never tried too many still lifes so she spent a good bit of time over the past year playing with these subjects.

And I hear she has chosen flowers as her subject for the 30 Day Challenge coming up Jan 1st.

Most of these paintings hanging at the Jefferson Center are large.

This is the reason most of these photos have that Fish Eye look.  And most of these were done "en Plein Aire".  A very pleasant way to paint still life.

The lavender field above is the smallest at 16x20.

I really like the sky above the sheep, lovely colors.

No. 2 in the "Working Man" series above.  Another lovely sky.

This last one is a collage of her mother working in her little green house last spring.

This beautiful show is hanging at the Jeff. Center in DT Roanoke, Va. until Jan. 15th.
We hope you have been there for one of their grand events and looked at all the artwork on 2 floors.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hey Friends,  Especially the guys at Goose Creek, sorry to take so long posting this.
All photos courtesy of Rod Adams, Thank you.

Judy and Mary Anne parked themselves in front of the gallery as you can see in the 2 photos above.
These photos don't show how sunny it was, odd.

Linda and Sue choose the back view.  Patrick even said to me " Aren't you supposed to be standing when you Plein Aire?"

We had a good day but we all had various reasons to scurry back home instead of having our usual lunch together.
We have certainly had a busy year so it was a good decision.

Just to remind you, the art work will be up through mid January at the Jefferson Center and of course you can find some pretties at Goose Creek and Potentially Chic and PennyLane.

Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hello Friends,  Very happy so many made it out to Potentially Chic last night.  You could barely move a couple times.  The photo above is about the Velvet Peony.  Linda and Sue had to buy some of her handmade jewelry for gifts.

This is a gorgeous shop, full of unusual and vintage items.  The little cabinet you see at the bottom left in photo above is full of knobs!!.

They made all these cute little holiday signs above.

The DLP were there to chat with the patrons about art and such.

This little model is a niece of Lisa's.  She was happy to pose for me.

Lisa and Gloria, owners, are so very creative as you can see from this limited amount of photos.
They are mostly busy with House Calls.
CLICK HERE for their blog and learn more .
or CLICK HERE to follow them on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  We got a few photos at the Jefferson Center setting up the reception Sunday.

This is a beautiful place to hold an event.  Lots of goodies and cider to sip on while perusing the works of art.

We all enjoyed talking with the patrons that attended about the creative process.  And one lady invited us to paint at her farm !!  Can't wait.

Giving folks an opportunity to converse with the artists about their creative process and listening to the likes and preferences of the patrons made the day a success.

The fun isn't over yet.  We want you to come out to Potentially Chic tomorrow evening, Wed., Dec. 2nd from 4 til 8 pm.  They are on Brambleton Ave.  We, the DLP's, will be there to share more about the creative process.  It's going to be another stellar event.

CLICK HERE for directions.

Happy Trails