Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hello Friends,  We thought it would be fun to share these photos with you.  A few things that we got for Christmas for being such good little artists.

Above and below Judy got some new shelving  !!  Something I have wanted for years.

They are narrow, just big enough to set a canvas on to dry or study or photograph.

Linda didn't ask for much but got what she ordered!  Cadmium Green is an expensive pigment and so are her new Monarch brushes !

AND-TaDa-Mary Anne has a whole NEW studio !!!  Very jealous, indeed.  Look at all her room and light !! And look at her new easel !!  She was extra good.

Sue got a very expensive organalzational (HaHa-spelling) tool above.  Hoping it will help with all the time spent looking for a certain color.

Sue also got some new colors to go in her shoe holder. 

Bonnie got a new Cotman watercolor field sketch box.

The dollar bill shows you how tiny and easy to carry around.  Should prove to be be very useful at this size.

So there you have it !  Proof that we have all been good.

Hope to see some of you, our good friends, while we are putting these to good use.


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