Thursday, March 3, 2016


Hello Friends,  Two weeks ago we posted here about a short trip over Rt. 11 starting in Draper, Va.  So now we have some images of some of the paintings created from that trip.  These will be going to the Arts Depot in Abingdon.
Above is a beautiful landscape by Linda Schaar.

This is a busy shopping scene by Mary Anne Meador.

And these were all scenes taken from Route 11 here in Virginia.

Above is by Judith Lochbrunner.  There are several colleges along Rt. 11 and this scene depicts a college student taking a fishing break.

The above is by Bonnie Mason and I'm sure you recognize this scene of DT Roanoke.

The above is by Sue Furrow.  A barn and cows near Elliston.  Of course there are plenty of barns and cows on Rt. 11 but getting photos to work from is not always so easy.  She feels fortunate that she got so many photos of the sweet cows.

Now we want to pat ourselves on the back or maybe honk our own horns with this.
Our exhibit is following the Women Painters of the Southeast exhibit in April.  This a prestigious group of artists from all over the SE so we are in excellent company.
Please find more info at their website

We hope you have our reception on May 5th penciled on your calendar.

Happy Trails

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