Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hello Friends,  We made it out today !  The weather was positively perfect.  Hope you got out for a while.  Above, is Linda, Mary Anne and Sue.  Judy was with the camera.  Bonnie was busy with family, and we missed her.

This historic old, well kept house once belonged to the Lynch's.  Can you imagine being a kid and having all this room and beauty to play in?

As usual, all groups seem to have one bad apple.  So we had to put Judy in the old-fashioned time out!

After she agreed to behave, we let her out and guess what happened.  She started chasing (and we were all running too) the Snack truck, as if it were the ice cream man!!

Never a boring moment when out with the Double Line Gals.......

Glad you could stop by.
Happy Trails

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