Friday, April 22, 2016


Hello Friends,  Yesterday we spent the day in Lynchburg, at their City Cemetery.
Next weekend is the official PAINT OUT with about 60 artists registered !

We spent the first part of the day walking and photographing all the beauty.
Linda and Judy found an unusual shrub.

Everywhere you look is a painting waiting for us to put it on canvas.

At the top is a special garden for all the Civil Wars victims.  A lot of the little markers had names and dates on them.  Some pretty young fellas.  Sad.

And they even have BEE'S.  Some volunteers take care of the hives and the cemetery sells the honey to use for upkeep, along with rooted cuttings of their collection of vintage roses.

Linda found refuge in the shade of  a conifer (some kind of pine) to work on her practise piece.  I was right behind her painting the white azaleas.

The link above is a good place to start research.  If you Google Old City Cemetery you will find more links.

Go to this link for more info about the Paint out !

Happy Trails
Hope our paths cross at the City Cemetery !

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