Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hello Friends,  More photos than usual because it was such a beautiful day !

Look at all that sunshine.  We hope you were able to go outside too.  There were a lot - A LOT - of people and babies in strollers and many bicycle riders out today on the Greenway.

We had a good time with our paints.  Above Sue got a good start and hopes to finish at home.

Above Mary Anne almost finished her painting and will finish at home.

And Linda was off to a roaring start too!  She will finish at home too. 
Two of our members were missing today.  Bonnie is finishing up work for the Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show to be held this weekend in DT Roanoke, Va.
And Judy is traveling back after a visit with family up north.

We hope to repeat this beautiful day on Thursday.  Just depends on Mother Nature.

Enjoy your week.

Happy Trails

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