Saturday, June 25, 2016


Hello Dear Friends,  We had such a great group of "Artists" today.  We had the perfect venue, with perfect weather and perfect help.
The ladies are arriving.  We had one man,"Dad" with us today, thanks to his daughter.

We have a short video that you should be able to view on our Facebook.  Blogger said it was a tad too big or long for this blog.  So the stellar students are beginning with the yellowish sky.

A few more instructive gestures about letting the under painting show through the paint.

Now most were ready to add a few trees in the background.

I just liked this photo, so it made the cut.  The student looks as if she's saying "WHAT".

Everyone got up at least once to go outside and refresh their memory of the view they were painting.  Here Judy is pointing out the value structure of some lavender.
Everyone is paying attention except for one renegade.

A progress shot.  Sky, trees, hedge, lawn are laid down.  Working back to front.

This is our only male at the end of table so he could look at the view as needed.

Now they work on the shed with pieces of mat board.  And of course watermelon and a lavender cookie certainly help keep you alert for all the hard creative decisions.  

Everyone got individual attention from the Double Line Gals and plenty of cheering from their fellow creative mates.

Getting close to the finish !!

Here is a lovely version, don't ya think?  Every painting was different and very reflective of it's creator.  This is one of the best parts of a workshop.  Seeing how different and beautiful each one is.

And the finale''!!  I love these group shots.  And we enjoyed each and everyone.  So many happy personalities.  Hope to see you next year, same time, same place.
Thank you.

And a huge Thank You to Bonnie Swanson and her staff for making everyone feel at home and for the unique refreshments. 

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hello Dear Friends,  Still trying to make a video !!  Praying this one works  after it's published.  We would LOVE to hear from you if this short video plays for you!!  Please.

This morning as soon as the thunderstorm had moved away, we delayed meeting for an hour to accommodate the storm.

Once all the plastic was down, it did not take very long to roll a base color on the panels.

Then we all painted the same scene just like our workshop students will.

'Tis a good thing to practice what you (preach) teach!  Then when you're under fire, maybe the correct answer  will make it's way out of your mouth!!
Last year was a joy and I'm sure this year will be too.

See YOU there.
You can still sign up HERE.

Happy Trails

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hello Friends,  You missed a great little festival yesterday.  It reminded me of a fest I attended in France years ago.  It was actually a wine festival but the grounds, the intimacy and mostly the friendliness of the people were so much the same.  I loved it.!!

Hope this post isn't too long for you but I want to cram as much as possible in here. I failed to get a photo of Linda painting but I have Judy up there.  She is painting on the porch of the NEW barn/shed building the tornado removed for them.

Here is another view of the new building and Judy with the owner "Bonnie Swanson" on the steps of the CABOOSE.  Used for a retail shop.

A shot of the beautiful grounds, right outside of the Crafts Hut, where we will be helping people, like you, paint their very own landscape of this beautiful farm.

Here is a shot from last year's workshop.  It was drizzly and a little dark outside but cozy and warm inside the Hut.  Everyone was happy with their creations and some were very surprised at how well their work turned out.

A painting above created by Mary Anne as inspiration for our class last year.

Here you can see the rain let up for a while and we got a shot of the new artists.  I talked with hundreds of people about the workshop and we should have a good sized class this year.  And a couple of people that were in the workshop last year, just stopped to say, they still loved what they did in class and may come back.

CLICK HERE for the Evergreen website to register for this Fun Experience.  Where else could you find such a beautiful, landscape to paint?  And the art instructors are so helpful and inspiring and patient.  You can't miss this opportunity!!

Happy Trails

Friday, June 17, 2016


Hello Friends, I will try to remind you about this workshop coming up soon without causing your one last nerve to explode.
Check it out HERE and sign up too.

And this weekend the 18th of June is their Famous Festival !
Check it out HERE and come see all the beauties.
The DLP will be there on the 18th, painting the beautiful scenery and because we want to help and support their efforts to rebuild after the Tornado in Febuary.
Read an article in their local paper HERE.
You can help too.

Happy Trails
See you in the Lavender Rows

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hello Friends,  Hope it's already on your calendar, but if it isn't, DO it soon.
Size of class is limited.
You can register HERE.

These are a couple of photos from the lavender workshop last year.

We, the DLP gals will be at Evergreen this coming Saturday, the 18th, to celebrate their Lavender festival and make some beautiful plein air paintings.
Read more about their festival HERE.

Do you remember the tornado that plowed through Appomattox a few months ago?
I'm sure your attendance and support will help this community get back on their feet.

So make a big effort to come.
Thank you in advance.

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Hello Dear Friends,  Today we had the pleasure of fantastic weather for getting out of the studios and enjoying the spring time breezes with our friends and brushes.
We also gave a video a try.  I've loaded it up there and hope it plays for you and has sound.
The creek that runs through this park has a lovely sound.

I got a couple photos too.  But I also had a couple to disappear.  I think I hit the wrong video buttons and made a photo vaporize.

This is the photo leading up to the video.
I will enjoy trying this again.  And I'll try a tripod too.

Hope to see you all out and about soon.

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hello Friends,  We all got together this morning at Longwood Park on Main St. Salem, Va.
Bonnie came later, but that's Linda up there with her view finder.

I liked this photo of Judy because it looks like she is sign painting !  Funny how you can miss something like that.

Here (above) is Judy's set up with her new Guerrilla Box, which she loves.

Here (above) is Mary Anne with one of her favorite set ups.

She was painting with pastels today and it was pretty too.

And here is Sue's set up, her fav is the umbrella !  Otherwise she feels like a blinded mole.
Afterword's, we went to the Salem Mill Mtn, Coffee and Tea and enjoyed more stuff.
Hoping your Thursday was as lovely.

Happy Trails