Saturday, June 25, 2016


Hello Dear Friends,  We had such a great group of "Artists" today.  We had the perfect venue, with perfect weather and perfect help.
The ladies are arriving.  We had one man,"Dad" with us today, thanks to his daughter.

We have a short video that you should be able to view on our Facebook.  Blogger said it was a tad too big or long for this blog.  So the stellar students are beginning with the yellowish sky.

A few more instructive gestures about letting the under painting show through the paint.

Now most were ready to add a few trees in the background.

I just liked this photo, so it made the cut.  The student looks as if she's saying "WHAT".

Everyone got up at least once to go outside and refresh their memory of the view they were painting.  Here Judy is pointing out the value structure of some lavender.
Everyone is paying attention except for one renegade.

A progress shot.  Sky, trees, hedge, lawn are laid down.  Working back to front.

This is our only male at the end of table so he could look at the view as needed.

Now they work on the shed with pieces of mat board.  And of course watermelon and a lavender cookie certainly help keep you alert for all the hard creative decisions.  

Everyone got individual attention from the Double Line Gals and plenty of cheering from their fellow creative mates.

Getting close to the finish !!

Here is a lovely version, don't ya think?  Every painting was different and very reflective of it's creator.  This is one of the best parts of a workshop.  Seeing how different and beautiful each one is.

And the finale''!!  I love these group shots.  And we enjoyed each and everyone.  So many happy personalities.  Hope to see you next year, same time, same place.
Thank you.

And a huge Thank You to Bonnie Swanson and her staff for making everyone feel at home and for the unique refreshments. 

Happy Trails

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