Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hello Friends,  You missed a great little festival yesterday.  It reminded me of a fest I attended in France years ago.  It was actually a wine festival but the grounds, the intimacy and mostly the friendliness of the people were so much the same.  I loved it.!!

Hope this post isn't too long for you but I want to cram as much as possible in here. I failed to get a photo of Linda painting but I have Judy up there.  She is painting on the porch of the NEW barn/shed building the tornado removed for them.

Here is another view of the new building and Judy with the owner "Bonnie Swanson" on the steps of the CABOOSE.  Used for a retail shop.

A shot of the beautiful grounds, right outside of the Crafts Hut, where we will be helping people, like you, paint their very own landscape of this beautiful farm.

Here is a shot from last year's workshop.  It was drizzly and a little dark outside but cozy and warm inside the Hut.  Everyone was happy with their creations and some were very surprised at how well their work turned out.

A painting above created by Mary Anne as inspiration for our class last year.

Here you can see the rain let up for a while and we got a shot of the new artists.  I talked with hundreds of people about the workshop and we should have a good sized class this year.  And a couple of people that were in the workshop last year, just stopped to say, they still loved what they did in class and may come back.

CLICK HERE for the Evergreen website to register for this Fun Experience.  Where else could you find such a beautiful, landscape to paint?  And the art instructors are so helpful and inspiring and patient.  You can't miss this opportunity!!

Happy Trails

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