Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hello Friends,  Wish you could have joined us in Blacksburg today.  First stop was the visitor center, above, for the "Parking Permit" and a photo op with the big bird.!

Then to the #Smithfield Plantation.  The entire place is beautiful and it would take too many photos to prove it so I settled for the info'mercial.

Then we made our way over to the #Hahn Garden Center which is so very beautiful.  We saw 2 volunteers working working in the humid heat and doing a fab job.  Bless them.

Then a short jog over to the #Moss Art Center where we saw 3 different exhibits.  The shot above is #Steve Whites work "100 Faces in 100 Days.  He left little thumb tacked notes here and there explaining what he was thinking while doing the painting.  Loved it.

Then a great lunch at the #Cellar.  And to round out the trip over to the #Montgomery Art Museum.
They have a few, maybe 3, paintings by #Walter Biggs, an Ole Salemite and a fabulous painter.

And we got a very nice tour of the Museum from a couple of the docents.  They had a large tribute honoring Lewis Miller and a short film made by the county of 3 siblings that lived in Cambria.

We had a great time as usual and can't wait to go back.
Although I think everyone agreed maybe when it cools just a little.

More adventures to come so visit again please.

Happy Trails

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