Thursday, August 4, 2016


Hello Friends,  Can you tell from the photo above that it is cloudy, foggy, rainy here in SW Virginia??
At times, it was coming down in buckets!

So the Double Line Painters decided to just have a Calendar Day.  That's when we sit with our teas and coffees and hot cross buns and pick locations for plein air adventures for the next couple of months. 
And what we need to do for up coming shows/exhibits, etc.

Example in 2017 we will have an exhibit of LARGE PAINTINGS.  And I mean the kind of large that you have to make your own canvas.

Judy Lochbrunner has a nice blogpost about this canvas making HERE.  Just in case you want to make a huge canvas.

So as more info comes to light I shall post it right here.

Meanwhile -
Happy Trails

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