Friday, September 23, 2016

Plein Aire at BOOK T. WASHINGTON MONUMENT and a HGTV episode

Hello Friends,  Yesterday (Thursday) was a beautiful weather day so we, the DLP's, were happy we had chosen BTWashington's Birthplace on Rt. 122!
See how lovely all looked?  Up there.  Busy, Busy.

Bonnie's version of the hillside.

Mary Anne's version.  So clever to paint this way and with the same palette.  This way the series looks cohesive.  She had a 3rd already finished.

Sue's version as a "Start".  She was trying out her new JUDSON box.  And Judy and Linda were too far away for photos, but they were with us.

Had to include this beauty.  It was so friendly, it came over to cuddle and nibble.  It's mane was so course, it felt like a scrub brush.  Sweet heart.

And the finale shot.  HGTV is making an episode about local farm houses and using POTENTIALLY CHIC to help and our Artwork !!!  How cool is that??
We will announce any info as we learn it.  Do not know when or how.

Glad you could stop in to catch up on our news.

Happy Trails

Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Lynchburg Art Festival Sept.17th

Hello Friends and Fellow Artists.  Did we not have a beautiful day, Saturday, for an outdoor art festival?   Not a drop of rain hit that brick hard field.

As you can see from our photos, a few people came out to say hello and study the beautiful works of art.  And there was a bunch of it, more artists than ever.  And we all know what happens when you have too many artists !

Here was one of the most interesting fella's to pass through.  He would make a great model for a painting/drawing class.

We had a fabulous time and hope to see you there next year.
Artists love cupcakes, so bring us your best homemade cupcakes next year.
Maybe we will have a surprise for you!

Travel Well

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Throw Back Thursday !

Well Howdy Friends,  I have some blogposts that people call "Throwback Thursday" so I thought I would do one.  Gonna throw you back to the Lynchburg Art Festival last year, 2015.

We will once again be in our regular spot in a line .  No.'s 96 thru 100.  We owe thes accommodation's to the fine festival staff.

Linda is up there all happy with herself, mostly 'cuz she sold paintings!

This is a shot of Judy's creations.  You will see how much she has changed or grown in one short year.

These are Mary Anne's Lovelies.  It is always fun to see what her mind has come up with.

And here is Bonnie probably explaining where she saw this landscape.  She has been very preoccupied with family.  Her parents and NEW grandbabies! So if she has anything new, give her a Hi Five and a hug.

And here we have Sue.  She was in a flower mode last year.  This year has her longing for simplicity but dramatic simplicity.  So God knows what she will bring.

Looks like we might have good weather.  So put away your pots and pans and bring the family to a fun festival of Art and Sunshine at EC Glass High School, this Sat.
From 10 to 4pm , Sat. Sept.17th.

You can click on the red link up there for more info.
Please stop and say Hi.

Safe Travels

Friday, September 9, 2016

Painting at the WhippleDale Farm

Hello Friends,  We made it out to the Sedalia area of Bedford County yesterday.  In spite of the heat, Mary Anne and Linda set up and painted.!

I chose to walk the farm and take photos and sit in the shade and made 4 sketches on watercolor paper, to be painted later.

And I had to include some of their pretty girls.  They were the usual nosy types.

Linda chose an unusual composition with 3 buildings in it.  Her underpainting of burnt sienna really made it sing.  And she is using my favorite canvas "YES".  It accepts all media including watercolors.

Mary Anne was working on 2 small boards taped onto a another board so she could work on both at the same time.  She also had the buildings in hers.

Across the driveway in front of Mary Anne were 2-3 adult cats and 6 kittens!!  Wild Cats!!

It was a fine day and topped off with fab pizza at Bella's in Bedford.

See you at the Lynchburg Art Festival on the grounds of EC Glass High School, next Saturday..
That is September 17th.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Hello Friends,  August is GONE !  Today is Sept 1st, and tomorrow is Sept. 2nd which is the date for the reception opening our art show at the Lynchburg Humane Society.

CLICK HERE to read their blog and get directions and more.  Top two photos show what a beautiful shelter this place is.

One corner with lovely green, soothing wall color that shows off our work so nicely.

CLICK HERE to visit their lovely website.

We certainly hope you will stop by tomorrow evening from 5 until 8pm.  We would love to chat and show you the animals we have painted.  Maybe you would like to make the pets feel loved too.

Have a safe trip and see you soon.

Happy Trails