Friday, September 9, 2016

Painting at the WhippleDale Farm

Hello Friends,  We made it out to the Sedalia area of Bedford County yesterday.  In spite of the heat, Mary Anne and Linda set up and painted.!

I chose to walk the farm and take photos and sit in the shade and made 4 sketches on watercolor paper, to be painted later.

And I had to include some of their pretty girls.  They were the usual nosy types.

Linda chose an unusual composition with 3 buildings in it.  Her underpainting of burnt sienna really made it sing.  And she is using my favorite canvas "YES".  It accepts all media including watercolors.

Mary Anne was working on 2 small boards taped onto a another board so she could work on both at the same time.  She also had the buildings in hers.

Across the driveway in front of Mary Anne were 2-3 adult cats and 6 kittens!!  Wild Cats!!

It was a fine day and topped off with fab pizza at Bella's in Bedford.

See you at the Lynchburg Art Festival on the grounds of EC Glass High School, next Saturday..
That is September 17th.

Happy Trails

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