Friday, September 23, 2016

Plein Aire at BOOK T. WASHINGTON MONUMENT and a HGTV episode

Hello Friends,  Yesterday (Thursday) was a beautiful weather day so we, the DLP's, were happy we had chosen BTWashington's Birthplace on Rt. 122!
See how lovely all looked?  Up there.  Busy, Busy.

Bonnie's version of the hillside.

Mary Anne's version.  So clever to paint this way and with the same palette.  This way the series looks cohesive.  She had a 3rd already finished.

Sue's version as a "Start".  She was trying out her new JUDSON box.  And Judy and Linda were too far away for photos, but they were with us.

Had to include this beauty.  It was so friendly, it came over to cuddle and nibble.  It's mane was so course, it felt like a scrub brush.  Sweet heart.

And the finale shot.  HGTV is making an episode about local farm houses and using POTENTIALLY CHIC to help and our Artwork !!!  How cool is that??
We will announce any info as we learn it.  Do not know when or how.

Glad you could stop in to catch up on our news.

Happy Trails

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