Friday, October 21, 2016


Hello Friends, Yep, We beat the bad weather by going to Lynchburg yesterday.  I had to take this shot of the beautiful, soft clouds that floated by all day at the CITY CEMETERY.

And I must admit I was slack with my job as the DLP blogger.  I usually take way too many photos but this is a large place and my knee does not care for the hilly terrain.  And, you guessed it, every one spread out and I could not find them.
Judy above is packing up to move to another view.

This Linda and she is a bit like me.  She has to watch the hills too.  So she wasn't too far away.  And she had several folks stop to inquire about her painting.

Judy took this shot of us about to chow down on the cemetery's golf cart.

And Judy took this shot of me, the blogging queen, sitting on the job.  I managed to finish 3 paintings and we ALL had a great day.  So glad we were able to out run the rainy weather we have today, here in the beautiful mountains of SW Virginia.

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Happy Trails

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