Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hello Friends,  Making this post just a bit early so you may have a chance to read it.  We know it's going to be pretty busy Thursday.!

We want everyone to know how very grateful we are to live in this country with all it's freedoms.  We can choose to be artists, or cartoonists, or chefs, or shoe salesmen, or trash men.

We, the Double Line Painters, are very grateful to be plein air artists (among other things) and to have met so many other wonderful artists and gallerists and collectors.

The photo above was taken at SINKLAND and in our minds says everything that we should love about our lives, with the exception of our families.

Good Friends, Great Scenery, Good Food, Good Health, Great Year coming up in a hurry !

Have a Happy, Peaceful Thanksgiving

Judy, Sue, Bonnie, Mary Anne, and Linda

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