Sunday, January 22, 2017


Hello Friends,  We skipped our usual weekly meeting Thursday.  Instead we all stayed home and WORKED on our passion/our art.  Great fun.

Judy sent the image above of her palette after finishing up a challenge piece for Leslie Saeta's "30 Day Challenge".
The blogs for each member is on the right side of this screen.

Sue wanted to show her new set of fluid acrylics from Golden.  This set came with 3 fat markers that you fill from the bottle.
She is loving all of them!

Bonnie loves this color of Red  "Cadmium Red Light" and says she uses this color a lot.

Linda sent this photo of the palette she is using for a really large canvas to be included in an upcoming exhibit this summer.

We will be back on schedule this week and hope our friends are enjoying their studio time as well.

Happy Trails

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