Friday, June 2, 2017


Hello Friends,  Yesterday was a beautiful day for painting outside (Plein Air) and so is this day.
Get your gear out!!
Mary Anne is already tired of all the green so she chose to paint the BREW HOUSE's Patio.
She still needs to add the umbrellas but it is already a beauty.

Linda had a hard time deciding which view to paint so she decided to sketch some and work at home.

Sue went over into the playground area where all the GREEN is !  She got a photo of a couple more interesting spots to paint at home.

Mary Anne,  Linda and Sue were the only creatives out this time. 
 Judy & Bonnie were busy with family.

Hope you are enjoying all the greens brought on by all ours rains this spring.
First day of summer is right around the corner.
Be very careful, I saw a 3 ft. rattle snake yesterday.

Happy Trails

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