Friday, June 30, 2017


Hello Good Friends,
Maybe it was because so many people were headed out of town to the beach or to the lake for the holiday weekend that we decided to change our original plans for the morning.  The morning was bright and comfortable so we met by the water at Carvins Cove.  While many people visit the park to boat, hike or picnic, there is no doubt what we came to do as seen on the day pass.

Mary Anne painted the boats, Judy set up near the road along the shore and Linda chose a spot a little further inland with a larger view of the park.   We were all working with acrylic paints.   Linda painted with a limited palette completing a couple studies in her notebook.  Mary Anne was painting a more finished work of the boats tied up at the dock.  Judy’s was a small 6x6 study of the mountains and water

It was an excellent start to the 4th of July holiday. 
We hope you have a good and safe 4th of July weekend also.

Happy Trails

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