Thursday, July 27, 2017


Hello Dear Friends,

A small group of us met at Explore Park today.  It was good to see how the park is back to life after being closed for several years.  We are so happy that Roanoke County is now in its second year of taking care of it and has great plans for this wonderful place.  (Read more about Explore Park at

We separated into two groups as Linda and Mary Anne were both trying out new plein air equipment and they stayed up at the historic Brugh’s Tavern.

Judy traveled down to “Journey’s End” to the area where the largest grouping of historic buildings are located.  She painted the Leininger Cabin.  She had painted this cabin before but wanted to repeat the painting with the (new to her) Open Acrylics.

It is easy to overlook those days of practice as they are not flashy or exciting …….but oh so important.

We hope you have a grand weekend

Happy Trails

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