Friday, September 22, 2017


Hello Friends,  Yesterday was a beautiful day here in South West Virginia and we took advantage of it the best way we know how !  We plein air painted in Roaring Run a National Recreation Area, in the Eagle Rock area of Botetourt County.
You can see the beauty above.

Judy and I were in the same general area so I was able to get a photo of  her finishing up her 3 little studies.  From here it looks like one study but it's 3 butted together.  She told me she set the timer on her phone and did each one in 20 minutes.  They were about 4-5 inches square.
She feels happier with these timed studies instead of spending all of her time on one because she winds up fiddly too much, or overworking is a better term.

I remembered to stop and take a few photos as I worked.  About half way in this photo.
I was real happy with this one.  I did not Overwork it !  And enjoyed the process more than usual.  Maybe it was because I was comfortable on my new art pack/chair.  And I was using oils which are of course more forgiving than acrylics.  Just have to wait forever to dry.

The other ladies were packed up and ready for lunch by the time I got close enough to photograph them.  I think they did it on purpose. HeeHee

ALL IN ALL - another day well spent with paints and friends.

Here is a toast to Mother Nature.
Happy Trails

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