Thursday, October 12, 2017


Hello Friends,  Yes, we did.  Yes, it was a hard day.  Yes, that IS Shelley and can't you tell by her face what a Ruff day it was ?
We love this woman and if you don't know, she is one of the kindest, most generous persons walking this earth.

We all got at least one painting done today.   Judy may have done 2.

Mary Anne already finished one and starting another!

Linda on her first.

Sue thinks she did two.  They have to be studied a bit.

This fantastic farm belongs to Shelley's SON.  I would love to show some photo's of the landscape but we don't want everyone to know.  It's a plein air secret.  We do hope to go back if Mother Nature ever sees fit to change the leaves.
Or maybe snows.

Thank you for coming by.

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hello Friends,  We Double Line Painters went to Sinkland Farms just outside of Christiansburg today.
There is a wealth of vistas to paint and a lot of activities for the wee ones.

This beautiful farm has a lot of little people visiting.  They come by the bus loads.  All hyper, squealing and ready to run.  They love it here too.

Not for sure but it looks like Mary Anne is working on 2 canvas'.  We call that Passion.

This is the pretty little vignette Sue chose to paint.  And she said it turned out to be a complicated little piece.

Judy is taking in the Big Picture.  Wonder if the horses made the cut.

This is a view that I liked a lot.  Susan is quite the inventive lady using all this natural bling in such creative ways.  Did you notice the Tin Man or the Turbine Head up there?  LOVE that.

Stay tuned, next week we plan to be in the Smith Mountain Lake area.

Until then, HAPPY TRAILS