Thursday, March 1, 2018


Hello Friends,  For several days we have had rain off and on.  Today was no different so we all met at the 202 Gallery in DT Roanoke, Va.

As you can see, there is a big window to see the market square outside.  Top photo shows Mary Anne and Judy actually getting some of the buildings  onto their papers. 
Bonnie and Linda in the next photo felt a bit like I did today.  Kinda blah.  Dreary dark days can really mess with your MOJO.  We, more or less, just puttered around and chatted.

The fun thing I did was mess with these photos in Microsoft's photo app.
These were all much darker than you see now.  I used Sahara filter on one and Zeke filter on two.  I'm going to try these filters on a painting.  That should be interesting.

We are fast approaching the REAL plein air season and we have plans for a few locations in the area and a meeting is scheduled for workshop plans. 
More to come-stay tuned.

Happy Trails

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